Growing up in the late 70’s in a heavily dominated Rock & Roll town, I was surrounded by heavy drums, bass and guitar sounds – which I came to love.  My parents did not understand why I would spend any time listening anything other than Sinatra, big bands or Greek music – which naturally led me to love Rock & Roll even more – but they indulged my growing passion.  When I got my first bass guitar from a pawn shop (a vintage Gibson Ripper) I became consumed with trying to reproduce the bass lines from Queen’s “The Game” and Rush’s “Permanent Waves,” and before I knew it I became a bass player. Around this same time I also became consumed by the lyrics of my favorite songs and strove to understand the structure, rhyming schemes, alliteration, and storytelling mastery in each one.  I studied writing and poetry and worked diligently to make myself a better writer.  I began to write books, poems and plays and, fortunately, found some success in publishing academic articles and ultimately historical fiction. When my career as a trial lawyer exploded my time to pursue the arts, unfortunately, disappeared.  Fortunately, however, that was temporary and I have returned to my first love, that siren called music, and I am both happy and proud to share my songs with you.  I hope you find meaning and inspiration in each one of them.

My first album, “11,” was recorded at two different studios in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale over a period of several months. I was fortunate to have two accomplished producers overseeing my first baby, and over a dozen studio musicians helping me tell my stories.  Read the lyrics and liner notes for all the details.  Then read the lyrics again.  Then listen to the music again.  Then repeat a hundred times. Then tell all your friends. Then force all your friends to buy copies of the album. Then force all those friends to read the lyrics and liner notes.  Then force them to listen to the album again, read the lyrics again, and then listen to the album a hundred more times. Then force all them to force all of their friends to buy copies of the album and repeat the cycle.  This is serious.  This is the only sure way we can avoid the zombie apocalypse.  The message is simple: buy the album and save humanity. On behalf of the non-zombie children of tomorrow, I thank you.